• Premium Round Cotton Pads

    IDR 25,000.00
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    Your favorite cotton pad is finally back.
    Now it comes in a specially-designed drawstring bag with more cotton pad counts.
    From 60 counts to 80 counts, but with exactly the same price.
    Told you we listen!

    This premium cotton is specially designed for facial and eye skin use.

    Suitable for your skincare padding regimen, or wiping those make up after a long day.
    Cleanse. Exfoliate. Tone.

    100% Organic Cotton
    Wholly certified organic cotton, from the outer until the inside layer of the cotton, and no artificial coloring. 

    Gentler feeling on your skin, making you less lazy to do the routine.

    Last longer when used, means less cotton used.

    Lint Free
    no more that annoying lint on your face while using skin care or wiping your make up off.

    No Pesticides
    No Insecticides
    No Synthetic Fertilizer
    Less water used when growing

    1 bag = 80 round pads